2019 GLI Above Ground Pool Liner Patterns

Above Ground Pool Liner Patterns can be downloaded in .PDF Here

2019 Pool Liner Brochure
Marble Inlay / Crystal
mil: 27
Moonstruck / Creekstone
mil: 27
Panama / Royal Prism
mil: 27
Stone Braid / Royal Prism
mil: 27

Above Ground Liner Thickness Options

What is a "mil" anyway?

A"...mil, is most commonly used in engineering and manufacturing. For example in specifying:
The thickness of items such as paper, film, foil, wires, paint coatings, latex gloves, plastic sheeting, and fibers. A "mil" is not to be confused with millimeter. Mil actually stands for 1/1000th of an inch or (.001 inch) A few examples, most plastic ID cards are about 30 mils in thickness (.030 inch) from Wikipedia:"mil" Paper may be between (0.0028 in) = 2.8 mil and (0.0071 in)= 7.1 mil thick

Get this: 13.5lb copy paper runs about .00275 inch So, 10 sheets of cheap copy paper will roughly equal 27.5mils... something to waste time with at the office today when you should be working!!!

In Ground Pool Liners

2017 Pool Liner Patterns

In Ground Liner Patterns

Installation Process


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2019 Pool Liner Brochure

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